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Your coffee, with a reusable cup!


Do you know that with just one reusable 20cl cup of coffee, you can save over a kilo of plastic waste per year? In other words, with a reusable cup you avoid generating disposable waste, whether plastic or carton.


Reusable cups are the more durable alternative to disposable cups, whether plastic or carton. Although in the case of carton they can be recyclable waste, we do not stop generating waste and disposable products which generate environmental costs, both in production and in recycling. If we use reusable products, we can minimize our ecological footprint, because we will respect all ecological principles: reduce, reuse and when there are no possible uses, recycle. Reusable cups are 100% recyclable.


Remember that washing reusable cups is a safe, recommended and sustainable practice, even during a pandemic.


The products offered by Ecoverre are suitable for hot and cold drinks:


- Reusable and customizable E30M 30cl mug that can be personalized with one ink. Available in four colors (translucent, green, orange and yellow).


- Reusable and customizable E12 12cl coffee cup that can be personalized with one ink and four-color process. Available in translucent.


-  Reusable and customizable E20 20cl coffee cup that can be personalized with one ink. Available in translucent and green.


At work drink coffee with a reusable cup!

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