• Let’s toast to a more sustainable Christmas with the new reusable glass EChamp!

    Let’s toast to a more sustainable Christmas with the new reusable glass EChamp!

    During the Christmas dates, a lot of waste is produced. Paper waste, packaging and single-use light plastics are on the rise, since many times we cannot provide the big lunches and dinners with the dishes and glasses from home or from our organization. Ecofestes present a new reusable cup ideal for reducing waste during these dates. Designed with propylene homopolymer, the Eco Champ glass is a flute for sparkling drinks and cava. Its elegant and robust design is made to maximize its useful life...
  • Your coffee, with a reusable cup!

    Your coffee, with a reusable cup!

    Do you know that with just one reusable 20cl cup of coffee, you can save over a kilo of plastic waste per year? In other words, with a reusable cup you avoid generating disposable waste, whether plastic or carton.   Reusable cups are the more durable alternative to disposable cups, whether plastic or carton. Although in the case of carton they can be recyclable waste, we do not stop generating waste and disposable products which generate environmental costs, both in production and in recyclin...
  • A reusable Christmas!

    A reusable Christmas!

    During the Christmas holidays, household waste skyrockets. Those that are wasted the most are those of paper (according to some sources of information up about a 20%) and also those of packaging and lightweight plastics. Therefore, it is important that during the Christmas holidays we do not contribute to the increase in disposable waste. Ecoverre offers you reusable products for the Christmas holidays. Take advantage of our Christmas promotions for reusable products: - Noel cup: reusable 33cl ...
  • Do you still use single-use cups for your coffees?

    Do you still use single-use cups for your coffees?

    Take advantage of the October promotion for reusable cups and add color to your coffees!Promotion yellow and orange 20 cl cups at € 0.10 / excl.tax per unit!* Promotion valid for cups without personalization. More information: info@ecoverre.com...
  • New 50/60 cl reusable cup with lid

    New 50/60 cl reusable cup with lid

    Ecoverre launches a cup with a lid ideal for carrying drinks. The lid incorporates a dosing opening to be able to drink comfortably and without pouring the liquid. The cup is reusable, 100% recyclable, 50/60 cl and it is suitable for using in microwave and dishwasher. We offer two types of printing: the E60T model is an opaque white cup and can be personalized in 1 color. The E60TPhoto model (full color) is a translucent cup that can be personalized in full color. The minimum quantity in 1 co...
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