Ecoverre was created in 2006 in Bourg-Madame (Languedoc-Roussillon). Currently there are several subsidiaries, in France as in other countries of Europe (Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, ...).

We are dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of reusable cups and other products such as plates, cutlery and cups. Our commitment is to offer event organizers the opportunity to be more respectful with the environment, avoiding unnecessary plastic residues.

At Ecoverre we bet to make events more sustainable. That's why we offer our line of services: from the rental of personalised cups to washing.
manufacturer of plastic cups for stadiums From the manufacturing of the cup to the event

Own production

The whole production process of reusable cups is in our hands. It begins with the injection of the cup, continues with the printing of the custom design, and send the product to the event.

A complete process that guarantees an efficient service.
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Always looking for energy saving

At Ecoverre we review and improve our process of producing personalised cups to offer you the best service, which must also be as sustainable as possible. However, these are some of the measures we apply:
  • Refrigerate the molds with a closed water circuit.
  • We use polypropylene plastic, because it is the most recyclable and less harmful material for the environment.
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  • We do not print with polluting inks.
  • We sanitize and recover the chemical solvents from the silk printing process.
  • Packaging with compostable bags.
  • We recover and reuse cardboard boxes.
  • We pack the pallets with the minimum of plastic.

reusable cups review "We are always innovating and looking for the best and most ecological options"

Innovating for ecology

In our lab we work to offer you small improvements that help us achieve greener solutions. For this reason:

  • We are studying to reduce the necessary material of the cup
  • We perfect shape and texture of the cups, to improve their use
  • We do research with bio-degradable materials
  • We introduce new customization techniques
  • We are innovators in cups management
  • We are looking for new washing options to be more efficient and get maximum hygiene
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