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Simplifies and orders the management of the dirty cups of your event

It is useful for all types of events, from small to large festivals.
You can keep, order and count cups efficiently and comfortably.
With the EasyBOX the return of dirty cups is easier.
The box has 20 internal compartments where the plastic cups are placed vertically, thus simplifying recounting.

Its plastic material ensures its durability, despite the liquid remains of plastic cups. Once used it can be washed to make it hygienic again.

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box for personalised cups
plastic branded cups review "Making it easier is always possible: the EasyBox is the example!"


> You can keep and count cups easily
> Durable, lightweight and reusable plastic
> With a solid structure and easy to handle
> Optimize counter space
> Stackable. With the possibility to put on a pallet in standard sizes
> Washable, ensuring maximum hygiene
> Easily foldable in three simple steps

box for event cups, dirty reusable plastic cups
personalised plastic cups "At the end, With the EasyBOX, you can count the returned cups in just 3 minutes "

How does it work?

Small dimensions (60x40x32 cm) and big cups capacity. EasyBOX can be used on any counter, in big events and small concerts or parties.

Capacity according to the cup model:

ECO28 & ECO30 = 500 cups
ECO40 = 400 cups
ECO50 = 228 cups
ECO60F = 180 cups

EASYBOX boxes can be purchased in units for only € 18.
At this moment they are not on sale online. To buy them, get in touch with us.

plastic personalised cups Budget
We can help you calculate the number of cups and models that fits better your event

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