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Quality cups with our personalized attention

Ecoverre, manufacturer of cups since 2007, offers you high quality personalised cups with the best current techniques at good prices, and without intermediaries.
We put at your disposal our team of graphic designers to listen to your project, whether big or small.

We advise you with the design and we send you the reusable cups to you! Easy and fast!

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Managing dirty cups is easier with EasyBox

Would you like to speed up and improve the management of reusable plastic cups? The EasyBox is the ideal solution! It will allow you to keep, order and count the dirty plastic cups quickly and efficiently.
The EasyBOX is a plastic box that does not break down with moisture and can be cleaned for reuse.

Its interior is divided into rows where an exact quantity of cups fits. This facilitates the recounting of returned cups at the end of the event.

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We close the life cycle of the cup!

The best way to close the cycle is to reuse as much as possible. We can buy your reusable cups to get the material back and make new products, such as our pocket ashtrays.

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Special rates?

Do you place more than 5 orders a year?

We have special rates for resellers, event managers, or communication companies that carry out several orders a year.
Contact us at boutique@ecoverre.com

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We can help you calculate the number of cups and models that fits better your event

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