We achieve a triple objective

1. To reduce residuesReusable cups avoid 80% of the waste generated during an event. In this way we reduce the management and cost of cleaning the enclosure.
2. To promote marketing Personalised cups are a good advertising medium. They help amplify your message or brand. They are also great for advertising sponsors.
3. To save With the deposit of the unreturned cups, the cost of the inversion can be usually recovered, and it can even be a source of income.
reusable cups review "The best waste is the one that has never been generated"

The best reusable cup

A plastic cup with high resistance and functionality

_ Stackable and lightweight free recyclable plastic BISFENOL A-free.
_ With the minimum thickness of plastic and a certain elasticity for a lower impact and a greater durability.
_ Follows the regulations of food safety use
_ Allows washing in the dishwasher.

Tips for reusing cups

Personalised with the best techniques

_ Quality, definition and high durability.
_ From an ink to silk screening (IML)
_ Printing on the entire surface of the personalised cup.


The data shows it

Fewer residues on the ground

beer plastic cup personalised
At the end of an event, residues by m2 of reusable cups on the floor are practically zero.

Less plastics

Event of 5000 people custom cups small amount
From the second year, the raw material used in the manufacturing of reusable cups is in balance with that used in disposable cups

Less C02

Event of 5000 people sustainable plastic cups
With reusable cups, CO2 emissions due to transport are significantly reduced.

the cycle of life

Our cups have a sustainable cycle of life

1_ Their origin is the polypropylene, a plastic material free of chlorine and recyclable.

2_ We personalize cups and deliver them to the customer

3_ During the event reuse begins. Each user uses the cup more than once

4_ At the end of the event, we wash them for to next event

5_We close the cycle by grinding the cup to recycle the original material. By means of this process we can make new products

Sustainable advice

> Do not print the year of the event on cups

> Use always a washing system

> Store cups in boxes of high resistance

> Rent generic cups for reserve, you will be able to return them

> Use Easybox to return dirty cups. It is cleaner and simplifies the inventory of cups

> Place panels to explain how reusable cup system works

> Use the cup to spread your ecological message

the best reusable cups
economic reusable cups
plastic personalised cups Budget
We can help you calculate the number of cups and models that fits better your event

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