How it works


1. Get a cup

Users leave a deposit for the use of the reusable cup. Normally this is one euro per cup.

2. Reuse the cup

Plastic cups can be used as many times as needed during the event.

3. Return the cup

At the end of the event, users return the cup to the organization and get the initial deposit back.

custom plastic cup
reusable plastic cups system "Paying the cup, gives it value and we don't throw it away"


1. Buying or renting?

We offer you the opportunity to buy or rent reusable cups. It is necessary to take into account the capacity of the event, the type of activity and especially the management of the personalised cups before and after the event

2. Management

We help you in planning the necessary logistics. To decide the value of the cup deposit, as well as the distribution and location of the plastic cups on the bar counter. It's also important to think about the return of the cups. The new box Easybox is very useful for this!

3. Cleaning = ready for the next time

At the end of the event, you must pick up and wash the reusable cups. With the reuse of the plastic cups we manage to be sustainable. Whenever we use the cup we multiply the energy saving.

personalised cup
beer personalised cups review "Every time we clean the cups, we make our events ecological and more sustainable."
personalised cup


1. Delivery and return of the cup

Each festival or event requires adapted management of reusable cups. We can spot the delivery points in the bar, at the counter or at the exclusive points. Management can be done by the server or the specific staff.

2. Deposit methods

We are looking for the optimal deposit system:

_ Economic deposit for each reusable cup (1 €)
_ Include the cost of the cup in the price of the entrance
_ By means of a specific token to get the cup

3. Washing and reuse

We apply cleaning procedures that allow us to save money and improve sustainability. We can wash the plastic cups every day or do it after with our washing system.

plastic personalised cups Budget
We can help you calculate the number of cups and models that fits better your event

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