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beer plastic cup personalised for events

Festivities and concerts

Many associations, entities and town halls rely on custom cups year after year to transform concerts, popular meals, fairs and public parties into more sustainable events.
personalised plastic cups Best seller: e30, e40, e60F
event personalised plastic cups

Music festivals

Big festivals already trust us. Not only do they use ecoverre personalised cups, but also our washing service.
reusable printed cup for big events Best seller: e30, e60Fe50
personalised wedding cups and bithday parties

Private parties

Birthday parties, weddings ... these are events where we can reduce our ecological footprint. In addition, reusable cups can become presents for guests.
custom cups for private parties or events (wedding, bithday parties, christening, ...) Best seller: e30e50
personalised cups review "It is surprising the amount of residue that can be avoided and how it simplifies the cleanliness of the enclosure"
reusable cups and flutes for hostelry


We offer a wide range of products to use in terraces, swimming pools, nightclubs, ... ideal for catering services and outdoor or nocturnal leisure areas.
reusable cups for bars and restaurants Best seller: e30, e60FFlutes
personalised plastic cups for sportive events

Sport activities

During races and sports activities, reusable cups are the best option to reduce residues generated in refreshment points, meals or journeys.
Personalized cups  for sport events Best seller: e30, e30A, e18
Personalized cups for markets and fairs

Markets and fairs

Town halls and companies use our reusable products in bars or food stands. This way, they avoid residues and improve the cleanliness of the surroundings.
Custom cups for markets and fairs Best seller: e30, e18e30A
plastic cups company review "At ecoverre we have the cup model that best fits your needs”
custom cups with design for events


Leisure areas, cafeterias, sales rooms and corporate canteens are more sustainable with our reusable cups. It's time to make the switch!
personalised cups for companies Best seller: e30A, e18, e12
personalised cups for Fairs and congresses

Fairs and congresses

A lot of companies create their own personalised cups. By means of that, they spread their brand in congresses, business fairs, caterings and catering services.
reusable cups Fairs and congresses Best seller: e30, e30A, e50
plastic personalised cups for stadium, hospitals, residences, schools,...


Hospitals, residences, stadiums, pavilions, schools ... every time more equipments prefer to use the reusable plastic cup, for safety and as an alternative to the disposable cup.
plastic reusable cups for hospitals, residences, stadiums, schools, institute, ... Best seller: e30, e60Fe30T

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  • Eau du ParisEau du Paris
  • Le Tour du France Le Tour du France
  • DecathlonDecathlon
  • Médecins du MondeMédecins du Monde
  • YogiteaYogitea
  • Golden TempleGolden Temple
  • La Coopérative de MaiLa Coopérative de Mai
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