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Use reusable cups and dishes
for three main reasons

1. Avoid the accumulation of plastic residues in the enclosure

On the floor of an event, the amount of residue per m2 of reusable cups is almost zero. With the disposable cup it can reach 6, 9, 12 more times

eco-friendly cups
comparative customizable cups "Every day we generate an average of 1.3 kg of residues per person, or 500 kg per year"

2. Avoid the continual use of plastic

Starting in the second year, the amount of raw material from the petroleum used to make the personalized cup equals that of the disposable cup. From here, with good reuse, the saving becomes very significant.

Raw material (kg)

Event of 5000 people Material of plastic cup personalised

Raw material (kg)

reusable cups Material

3. Promote the reduction of CO2 emissions in the environment

It is observed that by using the reusable cup, Co2 emissions are reduced favorably due to the transport of the product to our customers.

Raw material and CO2 emissions

Event of 5000 people plastic cup customizable

The most sustainable management

The best reusable cup management is renting, washing and storing until the next event

As we can see on the graph, if the system is not rental/deposit, because it is not returnable, we use more raw material than with the use of the disposable cup.
It's important to respect the environment and not fall into the economic temptation.

ecological plastic cups

A lasting example

A sustainable aperitif?

According to a study by a Residue Agency, as part of the European Week for Residue Prevention, a university is organizing activities to recognize the importance of reducing residues. The main activity is to make two compared aperitifs.

sustainable cups with polypropylene
plastic personalised cups Budget
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