• The 3Rs: these are three, not one

    The 3Rs: these are three, not one

    For several years now, we have been listening to talk about the ecological triangle or the rule of three "R". It was in the 2004 G8 Summit where the 3R initiative was set for international programs. Subsequent summits and ministerial meetings put this topic on the table and it was discussed how to implement implementation actions globally. But who is certain is that the current productive and economic system involves the generation of more and more waste. Although most waste and pollution is ge...
  • Because sport can also be sustainable!

    Because sport can also be sustainable!

    More and more sports event organizers are aware of the importance of reducing their ecological footprint. Respect for the environment and especially for the natural spaces where they organize their events are in their objectives. The best way is by avoiding the generation of residues! Eliminate any residue needed to become reusable objects that, at the same time, can be used on multiple occasions. Between these, we find reusable, resistant and durable cups since they can be used and washed as m...
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