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Another way to encourage the reuse and proper use of cups

The rental of reusable cups is the alternative to the manufacture of branded cups. By means of renting we save the resources of production of cups and promote a sustainable use.

At Ecoverre, as manufacturers, we ensure optimum quality, both injection and printing. Thus, we guarantee durability and a neat design, with an ecological message. At the same time, we certify perfect hygiene, with periodic analytical controls.

We offer two models of reusable cups for renting:

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rental reusable cup with design
33cl. It's great for soft-drinks and beer
personalized cups rental for festivals
50 cl for handsets.
company of personalised cups for events "By renting the cups I save work and I am even more sustaniable"


> Minimal investment and management
> More reuse for better durability
> Two available models of attractive design with ecological message
> Safety and assured hygiene
reusable cups renting
custom cups for festivals company "The cups to rent allow to provide a reserve for the unexpected"

How it works


The minimal order is a box of 125 units. At the time of the delivery you must leave a deposit for the renting of reusable cups.


After the event (maximum 2 days) you will have to return the personalized cups for their their washing. After counting the cups and calculating the cost of transport we will make the invoice.

The cost is based on the price for each not returned cup, for each washed cup and for each excluded cup (in bad conditions or not recoverable during washing).

Boxes without opening (with the original seal) have no cost, except for transportation.

plastic personalised cups Budget
We can help you calculate the number of cups and models that fits better your event

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