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We close the cycle. The cup is washed to be reused in more events

If you want to deepen in the durability of your events, you can do it with the washing service. With our industrial processes of washing plates and reusable cups we have managed to extend their useful life. Thus we reduce even more the ecological footprint: less plastic, less manufacturing energy, less ink, less CO2.

The washing is carried out in our company, designed according to the regulation of food safety packaging.

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Washing reusable cups "By washing we increase reuse. Being ecological is possible!"


> Fast and efficient service
> We respect the regulations of food safety packaging
> We pack in compostable bags
> We manage the return of clean cups to the customer
> BOX option of high strength

Industrial washing of plastic cups
reusable cups wash "How easy it is! Send and that's it! Ecoverre takes care of everything"


Washing process

Once in our facilities the reusable cups return to washing process:
1_ Pre-wash process to remove adhered residues
2_ Cleaning in professional cup washer at more than 90ºC
3_ Drying with industrial processes
4_ Packaged in compostable bags and in new or high strength boxes.

Delivery and return

You only have to send the dirty cups to our factory. It is important to wash them a few days after their use, to be able to recover the cups more efficiently.
Once clean, we seal the boxes and deliver them where you indicate.

plastic personalised cups Budget
We can help you calculate the number of cups and models that fits better your event

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