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Respecting the Environment

Ecoverre arose from a commitment to the environment, looking to devise innovative eco-friendly solutions for festivals and events. This respect for the environment would not be complete unless we implemented specific measures that made a difference during our manufacturing and distribution processes.

All investments made by Ecoverre seek to increase the use of renewable energies in our manufacturing and distribution processes.

The plastic injection moulds cooling process uses a closed water circuit system, thus helping to prevent excessive use of natural resources.
All our products are manufactured in polypropylene. Polypropylene is a recyclable material that produces lower emissions when burnt.
Distances between the plastic injection and the printing processes of the cups are kept to a minimum. Shorter transport distances means lower CO2 emissions.
Our screen printing process use non-polluting inks, suitable for contact with food.
Solvents and other chemical products used during the screen-printing process are treated and recovered so they are not dumped in the normal disposal system.
Before packing, the cups are wrapped in biodegradable bags made from potato starch, which can be disposed of as organic waste.
Cardboard boxes returned by our customers are recovered, reused or recycled.
Pallets are packed using 7-micron plastic in order to reduce plastic waste. This plastic can be disposed of in the recycling container.
In a near future, solar panels will be installed on the roof of our factory where screen-printing is done. An electric vehicle will be used to transport orders to nearby areas.

Some cups have been washed 140 times!

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