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Pioneer in reusable cup manufacturing in France

Ecoverre was created in 2007 as an international subsidiary of the Catalan manufacturer Ecofestes. Like Ecofestes, Ecoverre is a company that manufactures and distributes reusable and recyclable cups and dishware for events.

The company’s main objective is to provide eco-friendly solutions that help to reduce the plastic tableware waste generated during events or daily use (companies, local authorities, etc.).

Thanks to the reuse and recycling of our products, organisers of all types of event, sporting or cultural, concerts, festivals and other acts can help protect the environment.

The Principle of the Eco Partnership

We play an essential role in sustainable development, offering quality eco-friendly products and services.

For this reason, we work in conjunction with different organisations that share and incorporate our same principles in their own policies.

Our Eco Partnership enables us to establish a relationship of mutual trust, enabling you to benefit from all the advantages of having close collaboration with the manufacturer.

Devenir partenaire

As partner, we offer you a number of benefits:

  • purchase our products and services at preferential rates.

  • make group purchases*.

  • receive an exclusive newsletter with all our promotions and new offers.

Furthermore, we offer you the opportunity to enhance your visibility through our communication actions. Increase your presence on the social networks (communications regarding the events you organise, publication of your posters, photos, etc.) and be one of our references, strengthening your civic and environmental responsibility campaigns.

In parallel, as a partner, you agree to:

  • display the Ecoverre logo on the products purchased.

  • display the Ecoverre logo on your website as well as include links to the site www.ecoverre.com

  • display as far as possible the logo of Ecoverre on the media associated with the event you are organising (banners, posters, newsletters, flyers, etc.)

  • become a “fan” and “friend” of Ecoverre on Facebook and recommend it to your friends. And make exclusive purchases from the Ecoverre company for the duration of the partnership (at least one year).

This partnership leads to a reciprocal recommendation among our respective customers.

How does it work?

  • To become an Eco Partner, you must indicate the number of orders and/or the yearly amount of cups required (even if it is an estimate).
  • If it is a one-off event, you need to indicate the number of participants, the type of event, the date, and if possible, the partners or sponsors already involved in the project.
  • If you are a university or another student association, we would ask you to indicate whether you are a group of schools, the number of schools who will be involved in the Eco Partnership, and whether you are a private or public institution.
  • If you are a cultural or sporting association, we would ask you to indicate whether you are a group of associations, and the number of associations who will be involved in the Eco Partnership

Finally, a signature is required on the document. The partnership is valid for a minimum of one year.

* Group purchases for orders with one or more logos printed in one colour.



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